27 January 2022

How Cinco can help you save with VoIP and Telephony.

By Louise Smith-560 Views-No Comment

VoIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol, simply put this is the ability to make calls over the internet. In business, we have seen the rise of use of this feature due to the pandemic. Companies such as ZOOM, SKYPE, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp have had a massive increase in usage. This technology has allowed business to continue functioning, meetings to be arranged and families to keep in touch with each other during this period. Frankly, it has been a lifesaver as the normal ways of meeting up or face to face interactions were taken from us. We were pushed into working from home and faced long periods of isolation. Now that the times have changed, we thought it necessary to remind you of how this new way of doing business, can continue to help you and your company save.



Low up-front cost and the ability to choose your contract and pricing, this for us is one of the most valuable aspects of having a VoIP service. An example of how this works is, if Company A has 10 employees but only 7 need phone numbers to make and receive calls, Company A can choose how many lines it needs. The pricing will be calculated for the usage of the numbers provided. Within Cinco Amor, we have managed to save our clients £1000’s by using this method. For example, when one of our clients approached us for VoIP services because of high international phone charges, we were able to reduce their monthly phone bill from £800 pounds to £200 with minimal interruption to their daily service. This left our client extremely happy.



With VoIP, it is easy to add to the number of personal lines you have as the business grows. For example: Company A starts out with an employment of 5 persons, however within 1-year Company A attains a contract which requires it to hire 5 more persons. We can quickly add these 5 additional lines with no to little hassle. The benefit of using VoIP also allows you to ring numerous extensions at once. Unlike the analogue phone system which cannot complete this function. VoIP gives you room to grow as your business grows.



VoIP allows you to outsource the upkeep for your phone system and save on IT Staff. Using the example of Company A again, as all personal hardware will be provided by the IT service provider. Any maintenance or upkeep will be on the service provider to rectify. This also helps reduce your overhead cost on IT Staff as maintenance is done by an outsourced company, if and when it is needed. At Cinco, we have had zero disruption in the VoIP telephone service we provided for our clients for the 2021 period. The only drawback is, if your internet service provider is down, this can cause disruption to your service however we will do everything on our end to make sure we get you back up as quickly as possible.


VoIP can give you access to communication from anywhere in the world. This provides convenience for your staff, customers and suppliers. Say Company A has a head office in the UK, a secondary office in Scotland and suppliers from a third country, the benefit of having an internet number which can ring on a landline, mobile or computer without any international charges. This not only saves but makes it much easier for conducting business worldwide. At Cinco, we can install a soft-phone app to your mobile or laptop which allows you to make calls as if you were using the landline. Currently one of our clients has the ability to make inter office calls from London to Barbados, with only a dialing code and an extension. This has allowed great flexibility over the last 2 years of lock-down.

Overall using VoIP has many advantages which can help improve any business. It reduces cost, is scalable, low maintenance and increases mobility. If you are looking for a way to keep connected with your customers and staff at a lower cost, VoIP is the service which would be most suitable for you.