Unrepentant or Contrite: Racial abuse as a silent form of violence.

Unrepentant or Contrite: Racial Abuse as a Silent Form of Violence

As we reflect upon last Thursday, 21st March and The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, it is only right to reflect upon the recent media noise involving Labour MP Diane Abbot and the donation accepted by the Conservative party by Frank Hester.

The message being conveyed seems to be the usual propaganda involving party politics.

Cinco Amor believes in the values of Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect & Tolerance of Different Faiths, and Beliefs. When we look at the political propaganda created around MP Diane Abbot, we notice that none of these values have been upheld or highlighted by people occupying higher roles than ours.

Where is the acknowledgement and validation that this sequence of events has been a public string of racial abuse that is too often ignored as a silent form of violence. Mind.org defines terms and concepts of racism to include systemic racism, microaggressions and racial gaslighting.

Mind.org goes on to say that ‘Experiencing racism can make us more likely to develop mental health problems. It can also lead to internalised racism and internalised colourism, and racial trauma. Our experiences of racism are also personal to each one of us. And they intersect with many other factors.’

This makes us question why, on the most basic human level individuals will still want to cause this level of harm to one another. Is a retraction of a statement or apology really enough? What more needs to be done to set an example to communities and business on how to interact with one another, in line with British Values?