Technology Trends and Insights
20 September 2022

Technology Trends and Insights

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Over the years, we have seen the introduction of disruptive technologies which have changed the world for the better. Here are 5 of the most important technology trends and insights we’ve had in the last 50 years.

The Internet

The internet is one of the most important things used for human interaction today. Almost anything can be done or found on the internet. According to “The internet began as an academic research project in 1969, and became a global commercial network in the 1990s”.  Data Re-portal reported that “A total of 5.03 billion people around the world use the internet today – equivalent to 63.1 percent of the world’s total population.”

With search engines such as Google and Bing as the gateway to the internet this introduction has made life simpler and easier. It is an excellent way to share, research and keep updated on the latest news. It has been a great addition to the advancement of society however, the internet also comes with its dangers as persons with malicious intent, hackers and criminals can lurk and target vulnerable persons.

Use of the internet at Cinco Amor Ltd is a positive for us. It allows our offices to work remotely and share information, it allows us a safer form of storing customer data (the cloud), other than on the desktop. It also allows us to trouble shoot should a problem occur.

The internet is growing and will continue to grow as we head into the future.

Cloud Computing

An article from Microsoft Azure states “Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.”

Cloud computing offers you an easier way of storing and retrieving your information. They are three types of cloud computing Private, Public and Hybrid cloud computing.

Private cloud computing is when information is stored in privately owned data centres and customer can retrieve their information via private servers. An example of this is cloud computing at Cinco Amor Ltd, we offer Private Cloud hosting.

Public Computing the data centres can be located anywhere in the world. More than one company could be using the same data centre, which means your information is more exposed. An example of this is Google Cloud.

There is also hybrid cloud computing where companies can offer a mix of public and private cloud computing.

Cloud Computing is also here to stay, the benefits of cost and accessibility makes it necessary for businesses to operate successfully.


According to Cloudflare “Streaming has entered the market and has grown substantially over the last 10 years. Streaming is a method of viewing video or listening to audio content without actually downloading the media files.” Verizon describes streaming as “any media content – live or recorded – delivered to computers and mobile devices via the internet and played back in real time.”

Streaming has come into the market and changed the way we currently live. Gone are the days of VCR tapes, CDs and Vinyl albums. Video stores no longer exist and movies theaters have seen a decline in numbers. Some of the most popular streaming platforms are, Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. “In 2020, users worldwide spent more than 480 billion hours watching live streaming content” according to

This has changed how we view media, we get the latest updates of movies, albums within hours of them dropping. No more writing lyrics as the song plays or waiting until the movies shows the next time on the station. Instant replays and online album drops with the lyrics are the way forward.


The mobile phone has taken over the world. states, “the number of smartphone subscriptions worldwide today surpasses six billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.”

The reason we at Cinco Amor identified for these impressive numbers is that on a smart mobile you can do almost anything with an app. An application (App) is a software application which is installed onto the smartphone. Apps allow you to connect with many businesses worldwide; such as banks, supermarkets, streaming platforms, airlines and many more.

The mobile phone keeps you connect either by calls, text or the numerous social media platforms. These include, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok and more. (Side note check us out @cincoamorltd on these platforms). The mobile has become the first point of sharing information or finding information. It is the norm for how society communicates today, everything is at your fingertips.


BlockChain is the newest and most sought after technology which came about in the last twenty years. PWC describes blockchain as “a decentralized ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. Using this technology, participants can confirm transactions without a need for a central clearing authority.” Whereas IMB described it as a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.”

Blockchains have led to the formation of cryptocurrencies, which is a digital currency, an alternative to physical cash. To make this a secure method for conducting financial transactions, Crypto currency uses cryptography as security. This makes it harder to counterfeit and almost impossible to duplicate.

One of the most popular crypto currencies is Bitcoin which was launched in 2008. This is currently worth over, £16k per coin. Numerous other crypto currencies have joined the market, especially since 2020 when we saw the highest rise in demand.

However, with banks and other financial institutions, trying to implement measures to control this new trend , we have seen a slight decline in how crypto currency is valued. Nevertheless, we believe it is here to stay and will be a big part of our future.

Each one of these 5 technologies have shaped and influenced the way in which we live. We can only see these evolving and getting bigger. We at Cinco Amor Ltd are looking forward to see what else the future holds.