9 July 2021

IT Security Tips to help your business save money!

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5 IT Security Tips

Data Breaches and Cyber Crime is a frustrating and criminal act which can affect any business. We define Cyber Crime as a breach of data or information which occurs through the internet, by a 3rd party with malicious or destructive intent. According to Purple Sec, “Cyber-attacks occur every 39 seconds affecting 1 in 3 persons and there was a record 4 Billion attacks at the beginning of the year 2021.” IT Governance also confirmed this as they stated ‘Cyber Crime is up 600% due to the Covid-19 pandemic.’ Cyber-attacks can come in many forms from Malware, Identity Theft, Security Hacker, Ransomware and many more. To help prevent this, we have provided 5 IT Security Tips to help you avoid becoming a victim to such an attack.

Tip #1

Don’t use public Wi-Fi to access sensitive data.

Using the data located in public places such as the library, shops and restaurants can put you at risk to data theft. As this network is open and not secured, person with malicious intent can easily gain details for your bank, credit cards and other information. To avoid your data ending up in the wrong hands wait until you get home or on a secure network before carrying out transactions.

Tip #2

Use different passwords across websites apps and platforms

The reason why we suggest having multiple passwords across websites, applications and platforms is due to the fact that passwords can be compromised once a hacker has gained access to a program. They are so advanced in technology and the speed in which they can get into all major and popular sites.  According to IT Governance:

  • 92% of malware is via email
  • 54% of malware is via Mobiles.
  • 98% target Android.
  • 165% target MAC OS.

We know it is a more longwinded process and remembering so may passwords can be a headache however this can save you the hassle of losing access to your platforms and data.

Tip #3

Keep operating systems updated with latest security patches

Having your operating system updated with the latest security patches, keeps your computer safe but it also keeps your entire network safe. An outdated system increases the chances of a security breach as any fixes or bugs would not be installed and rectified, this puts you at risk of an attack.

Tip #4

Set antivirus to scan for Viruses and Malware

This tip is similar to the one above. Regular scans can quickly detect and isolate viruses and malware. Malware or (Malicious Software) is code designed to cause harm to computer systems. Norwich University describes malware as viruses, worms, Trojans, Adware, Spyware and Ransomware. Regular scans allow your IT Technician or support to remove the threat before it affects your computer or the entire network.

Tip #5

Be vigilant of online scammers and don’t share information.

This tip is very important as many people fall victim to this, even those people who are considered highly intelligent. Do not share your information with anyone claiming you have won something, you owe something, assisting a charity or asking for help. Don’t click on any links you don’t know. Scammers may come in the form of email, text or call. If in doubt contact your IT Support for assistance and they would be able to advise if the company is reputable.

Not complying to this security measure can be costly. According to IT Governance ‘Malware and Web based attacks are the costliest. In the US alone they spent US 2.4 Million dollars in defence against attacks and 34% of businesses hit with Malware took a week or more to regain access to data.’

We hope these tips help keep you safe while browsing and carrying out transactions on the internet. Hopefully they gave some insight on what to look out for, what not to do and what you should do. Our final IT Security tips to end on a high note are, take precautions, don’t let your guard down and be vigilant. We hope the remainder of your 2021 is incident free!

From The Cinco Amor Team