4 AI’s to assist you’re productivity


4 AI's to Assist your Productivity

With the constant use of A.I. growing day by day, more and more business owners are unsure of what AI’s they should use for their business. The increasing number of AI apps and websites makes it hard to keep track of what’s good and what’s not. Worry not, let’s explore 4 AI’s which you could use for your business to boost its effectiveness in different areas.

1. Verloop.io:

Verloop.io is a customer support system which uses state-of-the-art AI with conversational technology which allow brands to securely scale their support, all while reducing operation costs and create visibility in their customer support.

Verloop.io provides support across multiple channels such as WhatsApp. This combines machine learning, natural language, and automated speech recognition to assist in their 24×7, instant and real-time service.

The AI has over 5,000 businesses who use it for omnichannel and multilingual support to deliver the best customer support experience to their customers. Customers can have a calming experience with voice and chat Ai which Handles over 100 million users. 

With a 90% support query deflection, verloop.io support platform assists businesses across industries and geographies to improve customer relations through personalised and contextualised conversations throughout customer touchpoints.

2. Rasa.io

Rasa.io is a platform which sends completely individualised newsletters to customers. Using curated content rasa.io keeps your customers engaged with the newsletters and help with building relationships.

Rasa.io provide businesses with a relevant and regular benefit to anyone one on their email list. With the use of automation businesses can frequently engage on a new level without spending too much time, money, or effort.

As the business you choose the source and topic to which is then handled by rasa.io, the AI then collects and sifts through the articles as to produce the most relevant to your newsletter. The articles are then filtered and sent to each individual subscriber based on their interests.

3. Xero

Xero is an accounting software makes bookkeeping day-to-day tasks automated, this allows you to have more time to do what interests you. Xero allows you to import bank transactions ad send invoices.

With the use of Xero payroll, you can pay your employees all while increasing profitability with Xero projects. As a fully cloud based system you can access Xero from an internet enabled desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.

With a user-friendly software, you can easily use it even without an accounting background, all while allowing customers to pay you directly. With no need to input credit card information, you just simply give your name, email address and phone number.

4. Murf.AI:

Murf.AI is a realistic text-to-speech software which allows you to create a voiceover for your content. They harness AI with deep machine learning technology to help generate realistic voiceovers across a large range of 120+ voices with 20+ languages.

Voiceover traditionally is a time-consuming process as you need to hire a voice-actor, preparing a script, a studio, editing, ETC. However, with murf.AI you can simplify the process and reduce the overall cost and time needed.

Serving as an all-in-one platform, content creators/users can easily convert their scripts into naturally sounding voices while also adding images, video, and music as it all syncs in one place.

A.I. is a massive help when it comes to improving productivity in a business. Incorporating it into yours can assist you with automating tasks and reduce time taken away from your day. want to improve your productivity? Give these 4 A.I.’s try and add more to you day.

Written By

Kyan David

Volunteer Marketing Assistant